Ridge roof vents are a popular option for attic ventilation whether you are installing a new roof or updating your current roof. Gleason Roofing LLC uses them in most of our roof projects for several reasons. Gleason Roofing LLC wants to make sure you know what a ridge vent is, how it works, and why we use it. Our current favorite is Cobra Ridge Vent by GAF

What is a ridge vent?

Ridge vents are exactly as they sound, vents that run the length of the ridge of your roof. They replace the ridge shingles or tiles and are designed to boost air flow, but are designed to prevent rain or debris from entering. 

The ridge vent is half of the venting system that is installed. Soffit vents are installed from the bottom of the roof edge on both sides of the roof. 

So, how do these two sets of vents work together to effectively vent your attic? 

  1. Cool air enters the attic through soffit vents. 
  2. As the cool air warms with the heat of the sun, it will rise.
  3. The rising air will escape through the ridge vent.
  4. Continuous air flow brushing the underside of the roof keeps the temperature inside the attic close to the temperature outside. This is called a “cold roof”. 

Now that you know what a ridge vent is and how it works, why are they used? Gleason Roofing uses ridge vents because they are highly effective and provide the best ventilation for your attic.

Why are ridge vents effective? 

Installed at the highest point of your home, ridge vents are highly effective. They allow warm air to escape from your attic and almost force it out with the installation of soffit vents. The two vent work together to create a natural vacuum. There is no electricity needed and the wind is not necessary for this type of roofing vent to work. Not only is this option highly effective, but they hold incredible value.

Why else are ridge vents good for your home?

  • Being non-mechanical, ridge vents require little to no maintenance or added costs. 
  • As compared to other types of vents, such as box vents, wind turbine, or power vents, they are the most efficient.  
  • Provide an even distribution of air, preventing hot and cold zones in your attic. 
  • Creates a more attractive look for your home as they blend into your roofline.

Install A New Vent System Today

Ridge vents provide an excellent option for most homes. If you are seeking a new roof or are in need of attic ventilation, contact Gleason Roofing today. Our roofing professionals can help you understand why a ridge roofing ventilation system is a great option for you and your home. We offer FREE estimates for all of your roofing needs.