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When renovating existing roofs, it is often required to bring them to code especially here in the valley area. The best way to take advantage of getting a new roof is to consider updating your homes as well. We can assist you further with planning the job to pulling the permits. Usually a homeowner will have to hire many different contractors in order to get one overall project done. This can lead to many different disadvantages and issues such as scheduling or improper time management. With Gleason Roofing we pride ourselves in being able to get everything done in an efficient manner. Not only will the overall project go more smoothly, but it can also certify better quality work being done altogether.

Many Structural Concerns Date Back To The Time Of Construction

What was the building code at the time? Was it inspected and built to code?

Increased usage of amenities (i.e., expanding family sizes, increased guest usage)

Changes on use of common areas (tennis courts, basketball courts, green areas)

Risk Management Requirements being enforced by insurance companies

Has drainage and run-off in the area changed?

Has there been regular upkeep and inspections 

Loss of maintenance records or warranties

Has code changed since?




  • Use professionals when completing repairs that require them. (Structural engineers for balconies, stairwells, load bearing, etc.)
  • Licensed, bonded, insured and qualified contractors that meet the scope of the project.
  • Spend the money to make sure that the repair meets the requirement when needed. If a permit is needed, get one. If structural integrity is in question, check it. 


  • Try to make structural repairs with a handyman. This could be detrimental if repairs fail and permits were required or someone is injured.
  • Try and put off making repairs even if the association is not funded or homeowners do not support repairs. Work with your attorney and management to find a solution. 
  • Delay preventative maintenance 
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