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Shingle Service

Gleason roofing is a proud company that services all of Arizona with many qualifications in the vast scope of work we offer.

Residential shingles is the framework this company was founded on. This type of foundation and those core values allow us to provide every homeowner with a secure and hands on approach.

Gleason roofing has adapted and overcome many trials within the valley most notably Covid-19. When hardships occur, we pride ourselves in obtaining the best solutions and help our customers resolve any difficulties that manifest. Any unexpected results are masterly handled with years of previous experience and aged wisdom within the construction business.

Tile Service

Tile roofs are the hardest roof to spot damage for because of the structure and way it all blends together. It is also one of the easiest roofs to maintain upkeep on. Many tile roofs do not need a full replacement however they do require maintenance to ensure product longevity meets life expectations.

This can be done by having a check up schedule for some repairs. Repairs are done by removing the old tiles and replacing them with new and improved ones. This can also be fixed by applying sealant to areas that need to be put back together. Once a tile breaks it is not like a shingle roof and can still withstand environmental damage fully. Typically once a tile roof has begun to show signs of wear and tear it will quickly fall apart and lead to worse disasters underneath the roof

Solar Service


Gleason Roofing is a proud partner with Titan Solar. With this partnership we ensure that not only will the process of installation be done right but also be backed by insured warrantied work.

Solar is a rising industry with promising results that generate better productivity as time and the sun goes on. The sun is a resource that will never go away and will only produce more heat and gamma rays in the future. Invest in the future by enabling your house to utilize the FREE energy it has to offer.

Foam/Coating Service

Gleason Roofing is proud to mention our foaming side of business as we have our very own machine for foam material and coating material.

Not many roofing companies offer this to both residential and commercial clients.

With this limited market availability it has allowed our in house crew to stay productive. This is one of the hardest roofs to accomplish perfectly due to all the probabilities for error, hence why many roofing companies don’t attempt this side of roofing.

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